Get Ready To Reap The Advantages of The New Google Penguin Update

Well, Google has finally released its new page ranking algorithm named Penguin in a bid to demote spamming and phishing websites to the bottom of the page ranking heap, while rewarding websites that painstakingly use White Hat SEO techniques.

However, this update also offers your website a chance to jump up the rankings ladder since several websites that might have attained high rankings due to spamming, keyword stuffing, utilizing links from dubious links, hijacking keywords, etc., will now be dealt with seriously and pushed down the rankings list, and even blacklisted.

On your part, you too need to act now to ensure that your own website is in line with the new Google webmaster guidelines. This means inserting improved keywords after a thorough scrutiny as well as using various Google Tools such as Google Adwords, Google Trends, Google Wonder Wheel, and Google Analytics, among others to ensure that each keyword ends up impressing Google robots.

If you are unable to comprehend this strategy on your own then you need to hire a capable SEO services firm that uses only White Hat SEO techniques and has the skills needed to comply with the new webmaster guidelines. If your existing SEO provider is still in the dark on the Google Penguin update, then it is time to look for a better SEO services provider.

The Google Penguin update could bear rich rewards for your website since implementation of the update could result in unethical websites getting the boot while your own efforts to further optimize your website in an ethical manner will be able to jump over these dubious sites, if your SEO team possesses the best skills to do so.

You should be able to see the rewards of your efforts to comply with the Google Penguin algorithm in the near future provided you have used genuine content loaded with related keywords in your Tags and text, used genuine links and removed suspicious and dead links, avoided duplicate content on your website and websites, and certainly stayed away from spamming and phishing strategies.

If you are unsure about your own skills or those of your current SEO services company, then why not visit for a free SEO website analysis to ensure that you really reap the advantages of the new Google Penguin update in the near future?