How To Avoid Falling into The Google Penguin Update Trap

In our previous blog, we discussed on how your website could get pushed down the rankings list by Google thanks to its new Google Penguin update. Since this new page ranking algorithm could turn into a Penguin trap for your website too, it is very important that you learn all about how to avoid falling into the trap as well as use the new guidelines to your advantage.

Since the new Penguin update lays a lot of emphasis on spamming and phishing techniques adopted by deceitful websites and its SEO teams, it is vital that you do not fall into this category, intentionally or innocently. Thus, it is important that you keep a close eye on the SEO firm hired to boost your online presence and your page rankings.

Spamming includes keyword stuffing including using keywords not related to your business, inserting spun content simply in a bid to fill your web pages, and using back links from dubious websites that have already caught the eye of Google spiders in an adverse manner.

Phishing involves masquerading as another website or hijacking keywords and even websites to collect unauthorized data or information of innocent visitors. These Black Hat techniques might be used by your SEO team with or without your knowledge and could certainly lead your website towards the Google Penguin update trap that would push your website far down the rankings chart and possibly, even result in a ban.

What you need to do to avoid falling into the Penguin trap is to ensure that your SEO company only uses White Hat ethical SEO techniques approved by Google Webmaster guidelines. This includes researching and using only core and related keywords, using genuine and keyword-rich content on your website, seeking out niche keywords to garner additional visitors, and ensuring that your Title, Description and image Alt Tags contain related keywords will ensure top rankings and increased target traffic towards your website.

Hiring a SEO firm that has the experience and skills to fulfill all the revised Google webmaster guidelines is the only way to avoid falling into the Google Penguin update trap. is one website that you should visit if you want your website to reach towards the top page rankings in a truly ethical and cost-effective way.