How your Website Could Get Penguinned by The New Google Penguin Update

As you might have realized from the previous blog, Google has revised its website ranking process since April-2012 by introducing a new algorithm known as the Google Penguin update. This algorithm plans to come down hard upon webmasters and spammers using Black Hat SEO techniques in a bid to reach towards the top of the first page in Google search results.

On the other hand, if your website is managed by an over-zealous SEO team that goes too far in using ethical White Hat SEO techniques or does not possess the skills to adapt to the new Penguin guidelines, then your website could certainly get Penguinned by Google robots, a term that is soon bound to become quite well-known, albeit in an unpleasant way.

If you or your hired SEO firm has resorted to keyword stuffing, inserting spun content, or repeated content across several websites, then you could certainly witness an adverse page ranking in coming times. If your keywords are not related to your business and have been used merely to pull in unsuspecting traffic, then again you just might get Penguinned by Google.

Your website could also get blacklisted if it is not registered as per Google Webmaster or has links from suspicious sites or if you have simply hijacked a website or website name to attract traffic towards it. On the other hand, if your SEO team is committed to following only White Hat SEO techniques, then their efforts could be rewarded by Google by pushing your site up the rankings chart.

You do need to act now to ensure that your website or websites do not face the wrath of the new Google Webmaster guidelines. If your current SEO team is using dubious SEO methods or is unable to improve your page rankings, then you just could end up getting Penguinned by Google in the coming days. Our next blog will guide you on how to avoid getting Penguinned by the new Google Penguin.

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