Bing Pleases SEO Developers With The New Bing Webmaster Tool

Even though the Bing Webmaster tool is not entirely new, various features incorporated into this Yahoo Site Explorer (feature-wise) lookalike has certainly pleased webmasters with an array of new features for improved SEO. Here are some vital features of this new Bing Webmaster Tool, aptly named the Phoenix update that should help optimizers fine-tune their optimizing skills.

The Phoenix delivers a refreshing new experience as compared to the earlier version with a vibrant dashboard displaying icons and colorful arrows that indicate various status levels based on the input data. Reports too are extensive and use HTML5 so as to be used by various browsers.

However, unlike the earlier Bing Webmaster tool that merely displayed keywords, now SEOs can also look at their ratings and matching click-through rates too. Complete website crawling analysis too is offered in great detail that include a site selector and date range selector to receive reports as per specific time frames.

Choosing keywords is also easier with Phoenix since the tool displays prices per click as per the Bing Ad Center. Users can now bid for their favorite keywords and also check if their PPC campaign can bear fruit with those keywords.

Detailed reports offered by Phoenix also point out missing Alt Tags as well as display possible 404 errors that will enable SEOs to quickly fix them. Webmasters can also review reports on links leading to competitors sites in great detail and act accordingly to improve their own clients websites.

This new Bing Webmaster tool is also pro-active and will inform websites in case of any major problems such as incorrect tags or malware infections by sending emails to the concerned party. A few tools within Phoenix are still in Beta stage with improvements expected in coming times, but webmasters and SEOs are already salivating at the resurgence of this vital tool. If you are into SEO then this new webmaster tool will certainly make your job a lot easier. After all, Phoenix does mean Rising from the Ashes and this Bing webmaster tool has certainly risen from the past with several cutting-edge features.