Effective Steps To Please The New Google Penguin

If you are a website owner or webmaster, then this vital piece of advice would certainly prove to be very useful in the near future. As you might have heard or read, Google has launched its new page ranking algorithm in April known as the Google Penguin update.

This update uses an algorithm to reward websites that do not utilize unethical Black Hat SEO techniques to gain an unfair advantage over genuine websites. However, if your website SEO services provider has used Black Hat SEO techniques in a bid to capture top page rankings then your website could get pushed back in rankings or worse, get blacklisted too.

Here are some effective steps that could please the new Google Penguin and boost your rankings in the coming days…

  1. Research extensively on genuine core and related keywords that match your business and website
  2. Avoid keyword stuffing and instead spread out your keywords on various web pages of your website to convince Google robots that you operate a genuine site
  3. Make sure that your Title, Description, and Alt Tags are loaded with the best possible keywords
  4. Avoid putting spun content with bad grammar on your website. This will not only anger the Google Penguin, but also create an unfavorable impression on your target traffic
  5. Check all inbound and outbound links on a regular basis since your rankings will suffer if any links lead from or to a website that has already been flagged red by the Google Penguin algorithm
  6. Study the new Google webmaster guidelines to ensure that your website confirms to them in order to retain and gain rankings in the coming days
  7. Avoid spamming and phishing tactics at all costs since the Penguin update is focused on penalizing such moves with a vengeance

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