Effects on Page Rankings by The Google Penguin update

In a bid to clamp down hard on spammers and phishers, Google has recently introduced the Google Penguin update. This update is basically a revised algorithm that rewards webmasters that utilize White Hat SEO techniques by pushing them up the page rankings while punishing those that use Black Hat techniques to attract the attention of visitors and search engine spiders.

This update will certainly change the page rankings of most websites in a positive or negative manner based on SEO techniques employed. Spamming and Phishing websites that hijack websites, employ door-way pages, stuff unrelated keywords, and use spun content will be the first to feel the brunt by getting downgraded or even black-listed.

If you have an online presence in the form of a business website or any other website, then keeping a close eye on Google rankings in coming times will help you understand if your SEO strategies or those employed by your SEO team are indeed as per Google webmaster guidelines. If your SEO team has used unethical techniques or is simply incapable of employing efficient SEO techniques to impress the new Google Penguin algorithm then you can expect to slide down the Page Ranking chart.

You should review your website content to ensure that it is fresh and related to your actual business as well as make sure that you have not stuffed core and related keywords in all pages of your site. Another critical move is to check that all links leading to and from your website are of legitimate websites that also rank high on Google since a bad link could pull down your own rankings.

However, the best way to ensure high page rankings is to discard an incompetent or unethical SEO team in favor of one that is highly experienced and has mastered White Hat SEO techniques to please Google robots.

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