Google Asks for User Reviews on Its Panda Algorithm Refresh

Google has gone into high gear with its latest Panda algorithm refresh 3.8 on June 25 after updating it earlier in April as well as in early June. This algorithm continues Google’s drive to reward high quality websites with better rankings while pushing down bad quality sites and even pushing scammers and phishing websites out of the rankings chart.

Even though Google claims that only 1 percent of queries worldwide will be affected due to this latest update, it is keen to get user feedback, especially those that notice an upward or downward change in their rankings.

A pop-up on the right side of the screen during any search result encourages users to indicate just how they perceive the revised results. Choices range from “Very Satisfied”, “Somewhat Satisfied”, “Neither Satisfied or Dissatisfied”, “Somewhat Dissatisfied”, to “Very Dissatisfied”, along with matching Smileys or Grumpys.

While Google has left its robots to do the work of refining search results based on the content quality of websites, it has resorted to getting human feedback on the 3.8 update in a bid to understand user sentiment and possibly further improve its algorithm.

While Google has done its bit in refining search engine results based on the quality perceived by its updated algorithm, you too need to do your part in observing the effects of this update by observing SERP rankings of your own website or websites.

In other words, Google’s drive towards rewarding websites that employ White Hat SEO techniques should convince you to hire an expert SEO team that comprehends regular Panda updates and acts in accordance to ensure high page rankings.

Google has taken pro-active action in finding out about what users think about its new Panda algorithm update. You can now not only find out about rank changes, if any, for your website, but can also indicate to Google just how satisfied you are with the new refresh.