Google Makes Hot Searches Even Hotter With Enhanced Features

If you are keen on learning as to what topics interest the American online public the most then Google has just released its modified Hot Searches tool with enhanced features. The top most searches during the past 24 hours are displayed in figures and as an orange-to-red bar based on its popularity.

While the earlier Hot Searches tool offered limited information in the form of top 20 search results, the modified version simply displays the top most searches that usually number fewer than the earlier 20. The Hot Searches list is updated every hour and also includes links and rich images that enable you to explore further by clicking on the desired result.

In addition, all related search results pertaining to the corresponding top results have also been merged by the revised algorithm used by Google and displayed as a single result. You can easily view the results as well as share them through Facebook, Twitter, and of course, Google+.

The results appear more news-like and also include stories and news based on top searches. Thus, whether you are interested in sports news, celebrities, politics, technology, or any other news, it will be displayed if it makes it to the top of US searches.

If you want to know all about what excites US minds in the past 24 hours due to personal interest or for professional purposes such as conducting research into the US market, then Hot Searches will provide a graphical and numerical answer to your curiosity.

You can seek out Hot Searches in the Google Trends tool and use it to get an instant insight into the past 24 hour top searches in America. You just might find a topic that you want to share with your loved ones or use in your marketing campaign based on the amount of searches initiated by US users.