Google Needs To Get Pro Active To Stop Piracy, States RIAA

The RIAA [Recording Industry Association of America] has lambasted Google’s current policy of limited take-down requests, saying that this is insufficient to reduce music piracy. The RIAA wants Google to do a lot more in preventing viewers from accessing websites that indulge in piracy and seem to pop up under different names as well as links upon successful, albeit temporary take-downs.

However, Google insists that it has not deliberately imposed a limit on the number of take-downs, but has done so merely as a way of preventing their system from getting overwhelmed by the number of complaints for take-downs that reportedly number around 250,000 each week.

The RIAA claims that it had sent over 52,000 take-down requests in the previous month alone for websites infringing on copyright issues, but moans that they have been insufficient to curb rampant piracy. It wants Google to increase the limits so as to force additional URLs to shut down and also wants Google to ensure that they remain shut.

RIAA also wants a greater role in shutting down infringing websites and feels that Google is not doing enough to stem piracy. RIAA also laments the fact that it is Google that directs visitors towards unlawful websites that engage in piracy.

On the other hand, Google maintains that it is acting “within hours” to take-down undesired links and websites, and is providing Transparency Reports to display the names and amounts of complaints received each month. Google also claims to have acted positively in over 97% of requests. However, the RIAA is still not satisfied with the pace and amount of take-downs, and wants Google to improve the system to bear long-lasting results.

The battle of words between the RIAA and Google continues with both parties sticking to their stands. Opinions too seem to be divided with Google fans claiming that it is not Google’s job to censor the internet while others claiming that the RIAA does have a valid grouse in its bid to curb piracy. Meanwhile, the pirates seem to be researching on new ways to elude the tightening net while carrying on with their nefarious activities.