How to Ensure That your B2B SEO Firm Delivers Desired Results

Hiring a B2B SEO firm or team of experts is only the first step towards optimizing your website. You also need to witness tangible results to ensure that the SEO firm stands by its promises. Here is how you can ensure that your B2B SEO firm delivers desired results.

The first factor that you need to confirm is to make sure that the SEO team’s plan does not include using Black Hat or unethical SEO techniques to optimize your website in a bid to improve page rankings. Spamming, stuffing keywords, and utilizing dubious links could result in low page rankings and even blacklisting by major search engines such as Google.

You should demand a list of websites and URLs that would be displaying your links as well as blogs and articles, if any, so as to make sure that your SEO uses only credible websites to promote your own. Do not be afraid to ask why they chose those specific websites and whether you can derive any financial benefits rather than merely improving rankings due to those efforts.

You also need to ensure that you receive genuine traffic towards your website due to the organic efforts of your hired B2B SEO firm. This increased traffic should be tracked minutely as well as reported back to you in terms of engagement, conversion funnels, searches using branded and un-branded keywords, etc. These results should be compared with set goals to decipher the exact location of the SEO campaign.

By monitoring the technique used by your B2B SEO firm and comparing results prior to and during the campaign, you will be able to gauge the current results of the campaign. Ensure that you check the results at regular intervals such as on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on your business model.

This move will help you come to a concrete conclusion as to whether your B2B SEO team is actually delivering the desired results with tangible increase in traffic, conversions, and revenues or merely floundering in the World Wide Web.