Maximize Keyword Potential by Using the Google Keyword Research Tool

Keywords are the heart of any content on a website and one of the most important factors in determining page rankings too. You need core and related keywords that match searches as well as grammatically correct content on your website if you wish to impress visitors and search engines alike.

The key to realizing keyword potential and choosing the best keywords for your website is thus extremely critical to success. Luckily, Google offers its Keyword Research tool to analyze and select keywords that have the best chance of attracting visitors and enhance chances of turning them into successful conversions.

You simply need to sign in into your free AdWords account to use the keyword research tool. Once you set up local settings then you can view local as well as global search volumes. You should also utilize the inbuilt local search trends feature that displays search trends for the past 12 months in figure and graph form. You can thus comprehend if any keywords have been recording a rise in the past year so as to include them in your marketing campaign.

You should make it a point to play around with words while seeking out core, related, and niche keywords that holds increased potential. The include/exclude feature is also helpful to hone in on precise keyword importance. The Keyword Research tool is linked to AdWords and allows you to quickly add the keywords that best suit your campaign and budget.

Choosing the right keywords is an art since you have to rely on keywords used by visitors in your local area as well as in global searches rather than merely inserting those that you think are best suited for your website. The Google Keyword Research tool offers several options to filter down towards keywords that hold the most potential of attracting target traffic towards your website.