Reach Out To Millions Of Mobiles By Advertising Through Google Admob

After buying mobile advertising company AdMob in 2009, Google has now merged its mobile advertising features with AdWords and offers its currently million strong AdWords advertisers an opportunity to reach out to over 350 million mobile users on the globe.

Google has developed a common digital platform for advertisers to utilize its over 300,000 AdMov app inventory through AdWords, which in turn will help them gain access to the ballooning mobile phones market spread over 23 countries that is currently the reach of AdMobs. With each country producing over a billion ad requests in the previous month, you can simply imagine the potential in climbing the combined AdMob and AdWords wagon.

In order to click-start your new mobile ad campaign, you simply need to click on “New Campaign” within the Campaign Tab in AdWords and select “Display Networks Only (Mobile Apps)” from the dropdown menu. While AdWords already permitted campaigns targeting specific mobile networks, it now additionally allows users to choose precise tablet device models or smartphones or even advertise by selecting a specific manufacturer of those devices.

Within the coming weeks, Google will also display the exact results of your mobile campaign by displaying the number of mobile devices contacted by your specific AdMob campaign. These results will help you to further fine tune your ad campaign and find out chinks in your campaign armor.

With AdMob becoming a vital part of AdWords, you too can reach out to the fast-growing and vastly untapped mobile phone, smatphone, and tablet market by using the familiar features of AdWords to develop and launch a precise mobile marketing campaign.

If you too have seen the potential of advertising on mobile devices just like Google had discovered around 2 years ago, then now is the time to turn into an AdMob advertiser. You will be able to create and monitor your mobile ad campaign by using the rich features offered by both these functional and flexible Google tools.