Simplified AdWords Launched by Google on a Global Level

The simplified AdWords keyword tool with an improved interface and additional functions that was offered to select users for feedback has finally been launched by Google for everyone on a global level. All users will get access to the improved AdWords design within the next few days and should make campaigning easier for many users that seemed flummoxed thanks to increasing and confusing features in the past.

The most important feature of the improved AdWords tool is the option of choosing “Campaign Types” that allows you to select customized options based on your specific campaign. For instance, if you create a search campaign for placing ads on Google search and their partners, then you will not need to choose from confusing options, but instead a Standard option, All Features option, and Product Listing Ads option are now on offer. The display interface too looks quite clear and precise instead of the earlier chaotic look.

Google has focused on providing a more contemporary look to their AdWords interface while allowing users with different levels of sophistication and needs to choose their campaign level with ease. In addition, redesigned menus, navigation, and tabs will help you speedily find various features and use them with ease since the buttons have been kept at their earlier locations. Google states that it has focused on providing the right level of data than merely making their interface more appealing to users although they seemed to have achieved both.

If you have been confused in the past while creating new campaigns then the simple and more beautiful AdWords interface as per Greg Rosenberg of Google, is coming your way to truly help you to extract the most out of this vital campaigning tool without confusing you any longer.