Use Google Hot Searches to Find Out the Hottest Searches on the Internet

Google has recently redesigned its Hot Searches feature in Google Trends and now displays the latest searches of US surfers along with images and links. However, instead of the previous 20 top searches that were displayed in the past, the new Hot Searches will filter the results to display only the truly top searches that would also incorporate “related searches” within the displayed results.

You will now be able to view the top searches of that day displayed within around 5 to 10 results based on the Google algorithm that analyses all US searches and displays those that have shown a sharp rise in the past 24 hours. This list is updated every hour and also shows far more details of exact and related searches as compared to the earlier Hot Searches. An accompanying color bar displays yellow, orange, or red color depending on the increasing number of searches.

The new Hot Searches also displays the number of searches conducted on that particular topic in the past 24 hours in which it was trending. You can click on the chosen topic to find out more details about that particular topic. You will not only be able to find out what has been searched the most by millions of US users in the past 24 hours, but also share the results on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

Whether it is sports, celebrities getting arrested, married, or divorced, or the launch of the latest Apple gadget, all the top searches will be displayed by using Hot Searches. If you want to know what has caught the fancy in people’s minds all over the US or want to use the results for your own marketing campaign, then Hot Searches can provide the latest search results.

You too can find the hottest searches in the US by checking out the updated Hot Searches list within the Google Trends tool. Use this feature to find the collective curiosity of the US public and share the results with family and friends or use it to your advantage in your marketing campaign.