Use the Social Shopping Apps Route to Attract a New Market

The popularity of social networking sites coupled with a steep rise in mobile internet usage has truly opened up a new market on the move. If you have only focused on selling through your own website or affiliates then it is time to check the social shopping apps route in order to rope in a new market.

Social networking websites such as Facebook have evolved into much more than posting current status levels and present a goldmine of data that is just waiting to be explored. Users have been using such websites to seek out new products and services, and app creators such as Glimpse have used specific features of Facebook to create their Glimpse social shopping app to help users reach out towards their favorite products.

Glimpse has trawled deeper to analyze the likes of Facebook users to present related products and services that hold an improved chance of resulting in conversions. Such specific apps can also promote your online business as you now have the collective users of social networking websites seeking you out.

There are several other apps such as Givvy, Shopcade, and Pikaba, among several others that have also realized the potential of social networking sites as future customers. In fact, apps such as Pikaba use their own existing members to guide shoppers towards websites related to their search queries.

These social shopping apps go far beyond the basic search criteria offered by search engines and use like minded members to guide others towards sites that best match their needs. If you want to participate in such apps as a seller then you will need to pay fees usually upon including your products and/or successful conversions.

Social networking websites and app creators have realized the possibilities of adding an element of commerce to such sites after looking at the large database of members at such websites. You too can take advantage of this ready market to display your wares and seek out apps that best suit your business model.