Google Introduces ‘Mute Display Ads’ Option for Users

DisplayAds is an important feature that helps advertisers and merchants to increase sales. However, some users do not like this feature as they get distracted by the sight and sound of the advertisement. To improve users experience Google has introduced a new icon to enable users to mute the ad. The icon itself is known as ‘Mute this ad’. This option will be available on Google Display Network.

Users that do not want to see a particular ad have to click the “x” which is located on the top right corner of the page. Once the “x” is clicked users will receive a confirmation ‘Ad Muted’ and will no longer see those ads from that campaign. However, ads from similar or different campaigns can still show up.

Google will not be sharing any information with advertisers about this. Advertisers will have no clue as to the number of times their ads have been muted. To be fair Google has launched this feature for its own remarketing ads. Google will study the feedback and decide on the relevance of the ads users see.

This places the power of what users want to and don’t want to see back in the users hands and this is a welcome step by Google. Users will have better control and can decide for themselves if the ads are helping them or not. As for Google it will be able to filter out those users that are not interested in the ads and hence know how many people are interested in their products. This information or data will help them decide the type of ads they need to dish out going forward.