Larry Page, CEO, Google Back at His Desk

News Flash! Google CEO Larry Pagereturned to work last week after a brief unspecified illness. Eric Schmidt Executive Chairman of Google gave this news.

Mr. Schmidt was speaking at a conference in Idaho when he informed that Larry Page was recuperating from an unspecified illness that had rendered Mr. Larry Page speechless. Mr. Schmidt further stated that the current CEO was back to work on Monday last and even chaired a meeting. However, Mr. Page spoke softly as he is still recovering.

There is no reason to worry as Mr. Page’s illness is neither serious nor life threatening. Having said this, the illness did cause Mr. Page to miss the company’s shareholders meeting last week.

Expectedly this news came as a big boost to Google’s morale as they are about to release the Nexus 7 Tablet. This new offering from Google hopes to take on Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet.

It is reported that Google will make almost nothing on the low end-model but the 16GB model will give them decent margins. Having said this it is not going to be all that easy for Google given that Apple is also set to launch its 7 inch iPad model soon.

Looks like the tablet market is in for some interesting times! Watch this space as we keep you up to speed on the happenings in the tablet market.