Latest Changes in Twitter to Add More Punch

Twitter has touched the lives of people across the board. Whether you are an average person, a film star, or a business head; Twitter has made your life that much easier and it is no surprise that traditional media companies right from news organizations to bloggers to content sites are successfully using it to their benefit. In a very short while Twitter has emerged as very effective marketing and communication tool.

The good news is that Twitter has implemented a few more changes that make getting information all the more easier. Quite a few features have been added to help users make the most of this wonderful tool. Perhaps the one feature that increases its utility is the fantastic autocomplete search suggestions. Possible suggestions drop down even as you type your text in the search box. No matter what you are searching you do get relevant suggestions. You also get suggestions on Twitter accounts even if have not been following them. This is one cool feature.

Apart from this Twitter has also added a new filter to the tweet results. Not only are you able to see “All tweets” or “Top tweets”, you can now also see tweets from people you follow. This should help you stay in loop with what others from your stream are tweeting about.

To add to this Twitter now also has spelling corrections for misspelled words. These changes are now available on The Android and iPhone apps are also getting new features like spelling correction, relevant search suggestions, and autocomplete.