Merging Content Marketing with Social Media Marketing for Optimum Website Exposure

Gone are the days when a single SEO strategy could deliver fabulous results such as high page rankings and instant online recognition. The web evolves each day and merger of several strategies such as content with social media can deliver far better results in the form of increased website exposure in a truly organic manner.

The trick is not to resist these marketing avenues, but instead explore and exploit their exclusive features to ensure that your client’s website stands out as a beacon before search engines and the target market. The first step in this marriage of strategies is to analyze your current strategy as well as conduct a thorough keyword research not only for yourself, but also over successful competitors to enhance your own kitty.

In a parallel move, you should also seek out social networking websites related to your client’s business to find out areas of high action. Once you have identified impressive and impressionable people in that industry, then you can subsequently “Like” them, “Tweet” them, “Follow” them, and “+” them to get into their circle as well as develop your own social/professional circle in coming times.

Once you have laid down the foundation of your merged strategy by optimizing your client’s website on one end and expanding out into social networking websites on the other, then you need to inform your expanding circle about your client’s website. You can develop and publish blogs, articles, videos, and send out emails to reach out to your target audience as well as encourage them to connect to you through Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedln, or any other site that matches your client’s business model.

Now that you have implemented your combined strategy, then all that is left to do is to continuously monitor your client’s website to check if the strategy is indeed paying off. Constant fine-tuning will enable you to further integrate content and social media marketing strategies to benefit your client as well as enhance your own SEO skills.