Dynamic Mobile Reading Experience

Since the introduction of ‘Dynamic Views’ and ‘Mobile Templates’, over two years ago, more than 2 million new blogs have started using it. The success of these features has encouraged bloggers to ask for more mobile features. Google keeping the demand in view has decided to bring the feature Dynamic View to mobiles. Once you configure your blog to use the Dynamic View feature the readers of your blog will get the same reading experience on their mobiles as they get on a desktop. This clearly means that your blog gets optimized for small mobile screens as well.

It is a fairly simple procedure to set up the Dynamic View for your blog. Just go to the “Template” tab, click Settings under the “Mobile” preview.

In case you are already viewing the blog in the Dynamic view then it will have the “Default” template selected. You need not do anything further. The blog will start using the mobile optimized view automatically.

However, please note that currently your blog can be viewed in the “Classic” view as it is best suited for small mobile screens. But tablet users will get the full experience of the desktop view because of the larger screens. For those that use older mobile templates we recommended the Webkit based browsers such as Chrome for iOS and Android, Android, and Mobile Safari.