Google Introduces The Structured Data Dashboard

Structured data plays an important role in the entire web ecosystem. The availability of structured data educates webmasters and allows them to control which content on their website needs to be highlighted in search results. Google bots crawl the web and collect data. It is important for web masters to know what structured data Google knows about their websites so that they have better control on their websites.

To help webmasters Google has introduced Structured Data Dashboard in the Webmasters Tools section. The dashboard has three views: item type, site, and page level.

In the site level view the structured data dashboard aggregates all the data by root item type. In the item type view it gives each page details for each item. However, in this Google breaks down and stores a fixed number of pages for each site and item type. Webmasters can view certain item types in special preview columns in the dashboard.

The page level view gives details of all the attributes of every item on a specific page.

This structured data dashboard is going to help webmasters in two ways. One, they can make sure that all the new markups are picked up by Google, and second fix problems with existing markups.