Google Pleases Politicians With Specific District AdWords Targeting

Until now, politicians could vaguely locate potential voters only through Zip Codes in Google AdWords. This was not a viable solution since most politicians discovered that their voting districts were usually spread across several zip codes in a city or state.

Well, Google has decided to please politicians that want to fine-tune their publicity campaign regardless of whether they wish to occupy a local council seat or make a bid for the White House. Google now allows specific AdWords targeting through Google Maps and allows politicians and their marketing aides to target specific districts that might cut across several zip codes.

This innovative features allows politicians to utilize mobile, display, search, and video ads to target specific voters since research has indicated that an increasing number of voters have begun using the internet to study more about congressional candidates.

This specific targeting through the use of political maps has been possible after Google tied up with Azavea to utilize their Cicero API mapping tool together with their Google maps. The result allows politicians to target voters based in different districts with ease without remaining confined within specific zip codes.

Politicians can not only make use of the latest in technology and media such as computers, tablets, mobiles, and of course, television, but can now focus on their perceived and potential vote banks that might be located in different districts in a state. Reaching out to their target voters with greater precision will provide politicians a larger platform than before and will allow them to make optimum use of their allocated budgets.

The launch of specific district AdWords targeting will certainly please technology-savvy politicians since this tool will help them fine-tune their political strategy and reach out deeper into specific districts even when they are located in separate zip codes.