Keep Yourself Up To Date with What’s New in Analytics

Analytics is a very fluid field and you need to keep up to date with all that is happening in the Google Analytics space. Tools are constantly being updated and made even more powerful. If you stay abreast of all the developments you will not only be a good analyst but also be a successful marketer. Google delivers a monthly email that has all the product updates in Analytics. If you are unaware of this email then opt for it now and get.

  1.     New features on Google Analytics
  2.     Learn how to use these tools
  3.     Lots of case studies and educational content
  4.     Links to videos and webinars

All this is delivered right in your inbox. Opting for this email is relatively easy. Just log in to your Google Analytics account and click settings in the top right corner of your screen. Check the ‘Feature Announcements’ that is under the Google Analytics Email Communication heading. Save user settings at the bottom of the page and you are ready to go.

This will ensure you get all the updates and you stay on top of your work.