Understanding Advertising Policies

If you have to manage your online business or if you have to manage others online business well then you ought to understand the advertising policies and manage accounts of your clients in such a way that you deliver advertisements to users in a safe, secure and useful manner. Google has taken new initiatives to make you understand how advertising policies affect the delivery of your advertisements. For this they have recently offered the Status Info icon on the Ads tab. To further help you understand policies and the changes therein they have now added a new Policy Detail Column. This should surely ease and help you understand policies.

The new Policy Details makes it possible for you to sort and scan policy issues pertaining to all your ads. You will have information like

1. Policies which will limit where your advertisements show
2. Approval status for your ad
3. Disapproval of your ads and the reasons for disapproval

Even if you have paused ads you will still be able to get this information. This will help you understand the status of your paused ads. And can also pause an ongoing campaign while you sort out the policy issues.

The Policy Details column will be found in the Ads tab. To add “Policy Detail” all you have to do is go to the “Attributes” section, select “Policy Details” and click save. The “Policy Detail will begin showing in your Ads tab. Click the “columns” button and you are free to customize the column.

There is only one hitch and that is this policy detail column is not downloadable in your reports, however, Google is working on it and soon a solution will be offered.