Use Google Apps Script to Automate Google Analytics Reporting

Although putting analytics data into a Google Spreadsheet is not very difficult many people still want to know a simple way of doing it. The reason why people want an easy way is because once the data is in the spreadsheet they can manipulate data, create new visualization and build internal dashboards.

Google today announced a new and easy way to put Google Analytics Data. Now you can put data into any Apps script supported product like sites, Google docs, or Spreadsheets.

The spreadsheet displayed will give you an idea of Total For All Results, ga: Date, ga: visitors, and ga: pageviews. You have to grant access to the data that you want seen in the spreadsheet. You can create visualization so that you can see the data like number of visitors on a particular date in the form of a graph and can also set the dates you want to see the data for e.g. number of days, from x date to y date, etc.

This will enable you to create dashboards that will automatically update and present you with the data whenever you want. You don’t have to do any coding as Google has already done this for you and all you have to do is go to the Spreadsheet script gallery and select a script called Google Analytics Report Automation or Magic Script.

For those who want to write their own script they can do so, however, most would prefer to use this script as it saves a lot of time. To find this script open a Google Spreadsheet, click Tools, then click Script Gallery and select analytics magic.

This is great tool that will help you manipulate data, present it, visualize, and make business decisions based on what you see on the Google Analytics API.