Bing Integrates Facebook for Searching Photos

Bing has started to increasingly incorporate several Facebook features to rewards its users with an improved browsing experience. You can now search for photos using Bing that have been shared by your own friends on Facebook.

While Bing had already introduced the facility to tag friends on Facebook in the search results, the photo search feature is yet another step towards integrating Facebook with its own search engine. The photos of friends related to the search were earlier displayed on a side bar on the right of your screen.

However, the enhanced feature now offers you a chance to click on the chosen image to view that photo album through Bing itself. In addition, you can also browse through your own galleries as well as tagged photos. You can also post comments as well as share that image.

You merely need to click on the chosen photo to expand it while comments will be displayed on the side bar on the right. However, Bing will only display photos that have been permitted to do so by Facebook users. Thus, you and your friends will be able to view photos only if all privacy settings are satisfied.

Facebook had stressed after a study that less than 17 percent of your friends observe your postings on your wall. Bing’s new photo integration feature will ensure that both you as well as your friends will be able to share a lot more than before from a single search result instead of visiting different sites.

Bing continues to add vital features as well as improve its services for faster searching by its users. However, you need to remain on track while searching for photos or data since returning back to your base search can often become a problem once you enter too deep into the maze of the results data.

Bing has certainly gone afar in delivering much more than simple search results to its users. Its integration with Facebook and other innovative solutions will certainly propel this search engine’s popularity to new heights.