Navigation in India Made Easier By Google Maps

Google maps are increasingly used in India to get accurate directions. Google realizes that calculating a route is not enough and hence is working on increasing the usefulness of their Google map feature comprehensively. More than a billion people today use Google maps to find their way around. Google India has decided to add features like turn-by-turn navigation and live traffic updates to Google Maps. From today onwards both these features will be available to users having a smartphone using the Android 2.2 or later versions.

This feature requires access to the internet. In case you have a smartphone with internet access you will be able to find your way and also have the option to plan your route in any of the thousand cities in India. Whether you are trying to visit a heritage site like the Taj Mahal or driving to the airport in any city you will get directions in a friendly Indian accent.

This is an incredibly user friendly app that is available in the Android app launcher. The best part is that Google uses its incredible search expertise and notifies you about the places you might be interested while driving to your location.

In addition to this Google has also introduced the “Live Traffic update” feature which will ensure that you reach your destination in time. However, six major cities in India will have this feature to begin with. The cities where this service is now available are Mumbai, Bengaluru, New Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, and Chennai. The traffic data is shown in color codes that are easy to understand. The red color indicates severe traffic congestion while the Green color indicates free flowing traffic. Yellow color indicates minor traffic congestion.

Google is confident that many users will find this feature very useful and they are assuring all users that they will further fine tune it to make it even better in the coming days.