New Findings on Combination of Audience with Contextual Buying by Google

Google has conducted a detailed research along with Forrester Consulting on combining audience with contextual targeting. This research was aimed at evaluating the value of this combination as perceived by advertisers.

There has been an influx of large number of new techniques and strategies in display advertising that offer advertisers improved ways to connect with their target audience. Advertisers can now use specific targeting tools such as demographics, remarketing, contextual, etc., and this in turn could confuse them on tools that could provide optimum results for their business.

Google has thus tied up with Forrester Consulting to conduct a survey of 150 marketers that use interactive marketing to find out if audience or contextual advertising is more beneficial. Their findings provide valuable data on the combination of audience with contextual targeting that could further help advertisers choose the right strategy for their own campaigns.

Their research indicated that 94 percent of Google’s advertisers combined audience with contextual buying in order to improve accuracy and performance levels. While most advertisers were convinced about the effectiveness of combining audience and contextual buying, some were not so convinced and felt that it was over-rated.

The research figures also indicated that 71 percent of advertisers used behavioral targeting while 82 percent utilized contextual advertising methods. 50 percent of their advertisers preferred using all technologies such as behavioral, demographic, remarketing, and contextual.

In conclusion, the research also found out that most of their advertisers were planning to boost their spending on the combination of audience and contextual targeting.

The results of this research were disclosed by Woojin Kim from Google and Joanna O’Connell of Forrester at the Learn with Google Webinar. These results should help guide Google advertisers in understanding how their own strategies can bear optimum results based on these marketing trends.