New Tool to Check Volatility On Google And Bing

Earlier webmasters had to wait for announcements from Google, Bing, or other search engines to know if there was an algorithm update. Now there is no need for webmasters to guess and wait! has just launched SERPs Volatility Index which will track the fluctuations in search results and help webmasters determine if the search engine has indeed made any changes to their algorithms. The tool is very similar to MozCast tool. The only difference here is that the MozCast would track only Google, whereas SERPs tool can track both Google and Bing.

The new tool by SERPs gives you a report of the volatility in the last 30 or 90 days. The working of this tool is similar to MozCast in that it tracks keywords for top 1000 websites on Bing and Google. This means it effectively tracks tens of thousands of keywords. This tool is updated daily so there is no time lag.

As of now from the results it is obvious that both tools have returned similar results and their interpretation of Google fluctuations is almost the same. Both the tools do indicate that Google has made some changes over the weekend.

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