Structured Data Testing Tool

Attention Webmasters of all levels! Today Google is going to launch a newer version of the rich snippet testing tool. This tool will henceforth be called ‘Structured data testing tool.’ There are several improvements to this tool.

The newer version will allow you to see the snippet in the testing tool in much the same way as it will appear in the search results.

The new design will allow you to understand what data can be extracted from the page and how it will be shown in the search results.

This new tool will now be available in several languages thus enabling webmasters from across the globe to build structured-data-enabled websites.

This tool works with all authorship markup and rich snippets including products, reviews, applications, recipes, and many others. It is advisable that webmasters try this and send feedback to Google on the Webmasters Forum so that they can address issues if there are any.