Tips for Creating High Quality Sites

Recently Google provided some tips that helped in the creation of high quality sites for AdSense. Today they released some more information on the type of sites and web pages that can bring in more revenue.

The cardinal rule here is that pages/sites should have relevant and original content. This should set the site apart from its competitors. However, this is just one requirement. It is also important that the content is well organized and easily navigable. Here are few things that webmasters have to keep in mind.

  1. Avoid duplication of content on pages. No repetition of the same content on pages. Eliminate redundant content from the web pages. Avoid overlap of information on web pages.
  2. The tone of your content should convince the reader that you are a master in your field. A knowledgeable and enthusiastic tone is well received by the target audience.
  3. Engage the reader by providing interactive experience. Avoid having content on the site that is irrelevant. Most people do this in an attempt to fool Google bots and boost page ranking. It is advisable to have only that information which will genuinely be useful for the reader.
  4. Site navigation should be easy. Therefore structure your site in such a way that readers do not have trouble finding the information they are seeking. Do not have too many ads on the page. Ads should be there only for value addition and not revenue generation. On your website your content should be king.
  5. Pages not meant for monetization should not carry any ads at all. Pages where ‘Thank you’ messages are displayed or 404 error pages should be devoid of advertisements.

These are some of the tips that you will find useful. However, always follow the best practices advocated by Google to reach out to potential customers.