Tips to Make the Most of Google+ for your Site

According to the Financial Times videos and images on their website have the highest impact. This view is repeated by several advertisers in the online business. If you have already been posting new and relevant content on your webpage and are also using Google+ for your mobile platform you will have noticed that Google+ is a visual platform. Lets us discuss a few tips that will help you make the most of this platform.

Lets begin by how you post a link to an article on your site. Well you may be using the ‘Attach Link’ option on the +page and then posting the URL of the article. Whenever you do it this way a small thumbnail image of your article appears as a text preview. You then have to options to post comments above the content and then share it.

You could try a new technique instead. Don’t attach the link instead post an image from within the main content on your +page. Add a brief description in the comment field along with a link of the full content. This will enable the user to see a bigger version of the image from the article and the link will guide the user to the article content on your website.

Try this out for some of your posts and see how it works. I am sure it will deliver a far better experience to your viewers.