Use Demographics To Reach Your Audience

Making a great advertisement is the easy part. But finding the right audience and deciding on the delivery mechanism for that advertisement is the hard part. Any advertiser worth his salt will agree to the above facts. Advertisers on various media platforms have faced the same questions and have tried to answer them. The same applies to digital advertisers; however, technology offers digital advertisers certain advantages that other media users don’t have. Last year Google announced the introduction of a beta that allowed advertisers to target their advertisements at specific individuals based on their gender, age, location, etc.

This development was successful and Google has tried to make this available to more advertisers. Several companies like Blue Nile have used the demographics feature to reach out to targeted customers. In fact they have successfully reached ten times more people than the US national average in their online campaign.

Today Google is happy to announce that this feature is available within AdWords in 39 more countries. If you are an advertiser in a country where this feature is available then you will be able to see it in the Display Network Tab as Age and Gender targeting.

AdWords already has categories like remarketing, keyword contextual targeting, and interest categories. Now it will have an additional feature Age and Gender targeting. This should surely lighten your load as you will be able to get your message across various age groups. This will also mean that your advertisement will not be seen by people that are not relevant to your business or those that won’t have any interest in your product.

This will make marketing your products and services a lot easier and immensely effective. So, if you are an advertiser start using this feature and rake in the cash!