Bing Introduces Sitelink Extensions in PPC Ads

Microsoft in an official announcement declared that it has added sitelink extensions. This will enable advertisers to connect or link searchers to the different pages that are present on their website. All these ad extensions will be appearing in paid searches on Yahoo and Bing.

These sitelink extensions will be available only at the campaign level and will apply to all the ads in a campaign. For every campaign, advertisers can add up to 10 sitelinks. These sitelinks have to be entered in the order the advertisers want them to appear. The extensions will be subjected to editorial review as ads. And they will for now only be available in the US.

If you are an advertiser in the US then you can follow this procedure and add sitelinks to your ads:

In the Bing Ads interface go to the Campaigns page

Click the sub-tab named Ad Extensions

Click add an extension and then sitelinks extension

Add title and URL of link destination and click Save

Once the advertisement starts running the advertiser will be able to see the performance data for the links like number of clicks, spend; average CPC or CPM, and CTR.

It has been noticed that advertisers have experienced increased CTR to the tune of 15 to 20 percent. This means increased ROI on ad spend and hence Microsoft is encouraging advertisers to try sitelink extensions to get the feel of it.