Bing’s Voice Search On Xbox Now Searches The Web Too

Microsoft is adding new features and improving the utility of Xbox. To make Bing even more powerful it has made an attempt to bring it into peoples’ living room.

Xbox users can now explore the web using their console. This is a new experiment in entertainment that Microsoft wants users to try out.

Bing voice search has been available on the Xbox for quite some time. However, it could only search for content on the console. Content that was normally searched was movies, TV shows, games, music, and others. But now Microsoft has done something out of the box. It has added internet explorer which enables people to search the internet using voice search. Now you no longer search for content on the Xbox but can actually search anything on the World Wide Web. You have the capability to watch a YouTube video, or watch a film using the voice search.

These are some of the details how Microsoft is transforming the entertainment scene via the Xbox. However, this voice search is only available in a few countries. But our past experience tells us that what is now available in a few countries will soon be available all over the world.