Exploit Google Analytics Data More effectively in AdWords

You must already be familiar with using Google Analytics to improve your marketing campaign. Well, Google now offers you a chance to import all your Google Analytics profile data into AdWords to further exploit the most out of each keyword and boost your campaign with better decisions.

Once you import Google Analytics data into your AdWords account, then you will be able to monitor crucial reports such as pages per visit, average visit durations, bounce rates, etc., through your AdWords interface. This vital information will help further fine-tune your campaign in several ways.

For instance, you could discover specific keywords with low conversion rates, but possessing very high engagement metrics. You could certainly improve your ROI by picking up such keywords with adjusted offers or by including incentives such as special discounts, etc., or even with an aggressive call for action. You merely need to make a filter to seek out such hidden keywords with increased potential for your specific website.

The new information possibilities in AdWords will also help you to sort ad groups based on the Average Visit Duration or even by Pages per Visit feature. You can bid aggressively on such groups to draw in more visitors through this strategy.

By looking at reports of High Bounce Rates and Low Average Visit Duration, you can locate unsuitable landing pages for specific keywords or ads. You will have to create a filter to locate such pages and also monitor this feature on a continuous basis to improve your targeting.

The combination of Google Analytics and Google AdWords has already helped several websites find flaws in their ads and marketing strategies. Additionally, they have also helped webmasters exploit each keyword’s potential in an improved manner. This, in turn has resulted in increased and repeat visits, improved conversions, and improved ROI.

You can certainly improve your own marketing campaign by importing your Google Analytics data into your Google AdWords account. Improved reporting and monitoring features due to this amalgamation will help you attract your target market effectively and engage them in a better way thanks to far more detailed information at your fingertips.