Good News for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses – Extra Credit From Google

Small and medium businesses have to face multiple issues at the same time. Not only do they have to deal with shortage of resources but have to manage the most important resource, finance, even more carefully. With no control over the short term expenses small and medium businesses face an uphill task. However, things are changing for the better and now businesses can make that extra investment in their business as Google has announced “Extra credit” specifically for AdWords. In July Google piloted the AdWords Business Credit for businesses in the US. Close to 1400 businesses participated in the pilot project. Based on the feedback received it was clear that more than 74% businesses used the AdWords Business Credit as the preferred way of making AdWords payments.

Encouraged by the results Google has announced that businesses in the UK can also use AdWords Business Credit. Not only this, Google has decided to extend the invitation to more businesses in the US. Here are some of the details of the new scheme.

In UK AdWords Business Credit will have 11.9% APR Representative while in the US it could be in the range of 8.99% to 18.99% (depending on creditworthiness). In both cases there will be no annual charges for the card and there will be sufficient credit limit for AdWords.

Google has tied up with Barclaycard for UK and with Comenity Capital for the US. Both these financial institutions will issue cards to businesses. Needless to say both the cards are MasterCards.

The AdWord Business Credit has to be exclusively used for AdWords advertising purchases only.

AdWords connect of millions of small businesses to their customers. With this new business credit small businesses will have the much needed flexibility to manage their expenses and make investments in things that are necessary to grow the business rather than worry about being within advertising budget limits.