Google Offers iOS App Advertisers Tools To Measure Downloads Through AdWords

Google has allowed advertisers on the Android platform to measure App downloads through AdWords. This tool has enabled advertisers marketing Apps to measure success levels of their campaign and further fine tune their strategies.

Google has now enabled iOS downloads as a result of in-app display advertisement campaigns to be tracked through AdWords. If you wish to track conversions then you can make a code snippet within your AdWords account before inserting it within your App.

You need to go to the same section in AdWords that allows Android App advertisers to track their campaigns without using any code. You can then track your iOS conversions to better understand the effectiveness of your App downloads and plug defects that might have hampered higher number of downloads. You will be able to improve your download rates, ROI, and create better App marketing strategies in future.

Google’s Android App tracking tools have already helped several advertisers such as GREE that markets mobile games. The company has used the in-app advertising tools within AdWords to not only market their Apps, but also track conversions, which in turn has helped them maximize their ROI across their marketing campaigns. The new feature will further help them track downloads of their iOS Apps.

If you are interested in learning more about how to incorporate the iOS App advertisers’ tools within AdWords then you can browse through your AdWords account. This vital tool will help optimize your campaign while helping you better understand the mindset of your App users.