Google Real Time Analytics allows Real Time Reports for Profiles

Google has responded positively to user requests that clamored for real time traffic reporting for each profile. Google has finally released this feature in their Real Time Analytics tool.

You can now view web traffic in real time for different profiles even if you are a non admin user. You will need to select the desired profile from the left side of your screen and will be able to view reports based on that specific profile.

You will need to check all applied filters on the specific profile to be viewed since report generation is dependant on those filters. If you observe lowered figures than normal, then filters that exclude traffic will need to be scrutinized. Once you modify filters in the chosen profile then it will take around 2 hours for the changes to bear results, although Google states that they are in the process of reducing the time period.

You will need to create reports without any filters if you want to utilize Google Real Time for debugging in order to get accurate results. In addition, Google has extended profile support for App profiles too. Hence you will be able to view Mobile SDK Traffic on a real-time basis. Your Google Analytics SDK implementation has just received an effective debugging tool in the form of profile-based Real Time Reports.

Real Time reporting can be especially useful when you want to monitor your web-pages or websites that have gone viral. Google has also included a “social” medium to help you track segment-wise viral traffic through social networks. You can use the Social Referrals link to further break-down the report. You can also view most visited web-pages as well as the web-pages which your users are currently viewing by choosing between the PageViews and Active Visitors option.

In addition, offline radio and television campaigns can also use Real Time to study the results. You too can easily use Real Time Reports to track profiles and make necessary improvements to improve results.