Google Search App not Compatible with Windows Surface Tablets that Run on Windows RT

If you plan to use the Google Search App with your Microsoft Surface loaded with Windows RT then prepare to be disappointed since Google has not yet made the app directly compatible with RT. Even though the Google Search App is mentioned in the Windows Store, it is not yet compatible once you click to run the app.

The Windows Store clearly mentions that Google Search will work on Windows 8 as well as Windows RT. However, your Windows Surface running on RT will display an error message stating that the “App cannot be installed because your PC does not meet the minimum system requirements”. Google has not provided a clear answer on why their App is incompatible with Windows RT other than stating that they plan to launch an update of their Google Search App in the future.

On the other hand, Microsoft has put the ball back in Google’s court by stating that the Google Search App is not compatible with ARM devices. It seems that Google has yet to make its Search App actually work with Windows RT even though the company has got the App listed at the Windows Store.

However, all is not lost since you can still use the App by visiting the Google home page from your tablet. In addition, you will not be able to use the Google Chrome browser directly on your Surface tablet and will need to be content with using Internet Explorer 9 due to the same reason.

However, you can still use Chrome by visiting the Internet Explorer Gallery, managing Google Add-On, and seeking out More Search Providers. On the other hand, Microsoft allows you to add new search providers by typing the chosen Browser name in the address bar. You can then click on “Add” to select your new browser. You can use the Tools menu to add, edit, and remove your chosen browsers.

Incompatibility issues between Microsoft and Google can put a damper over using your brand new Surface tablet with Windows RT. However, you can circumvent these issues with a few more clicks, although both companies have indirectly stated that they intend to sort out these problems in the future.