Showcase your Promotions and get your Customers’ Attention

There is no doubt that shoppers today are far smarter than they were five years back. Today’s shoppers use the internet search, social recommendation, and apps on smartphones to make well informed purchases. So, how does the retailer deal with this situation and get the shoppers attention?

Google AdWords is today rolling out a new and unique way by which retailers can reach their target shoppers right when they are interested. To make them stand out of the crowd retailers can add promotions to their product listing on Google shopping. Not only this, retailers can also distribute their promotions on other properties such as Google Offers app and Google Maps (for android) to catch get the attention of shoppers and pull them to their stores.

This is not a very complicated procedure. All it requires are a few simple steps and retailers are ready to go. Retailers first have to create a promotion list and map it to the products in Google Shopping and upload it to the Google Merchant Center. The system is such that it supports redemption codes and associated reporting. This allows retailers to measure the success of their promotional campaigns.

This is just one of the many steps that Google is taking to help retailers get more traffic. This tool is not only based on advanced technology but has been designed to help retailers grow their business. A number of retailers are already using this feature and many more are expected to join. Google is thinking of expanding the program so that more and more retailers can take advantage of this unique feature.