Using Google Analytics Multi Channel Funnels to Measure Conversions

Measuring conversions and sales is quite difficult considering the endless range of products and services being marketed on the internet. Your strategies and results would be different than those of another website with a different business model.

If you need to observe the precise path taken by visitors’ right from searching for your website, browsing through the site, repeat visits, and finally closing the deal with a successful conversion then you can do so by using Google Analytics Multi Channel Funnels.

While the reports available from Multi Channel Funnels provide information on various marketing channels such as social media, email, paid searches, etc., you can also configure them to measure the results of your content marketing campaign. You can begin by creating new Channel Grouping in Top Conversion Paths depending on your content. This feature shows the paths taken by your visitors while being transformed into conversions over several visits to your website.

You can include channels matching important content sectors of your website. It is vital for your Grouping to have service listings, product directories, blogs, or any other content that provides answers for particular queries or provides specific solutions. Your next step is to analyze the reports by observing conversion data against traffic paths. This strategy will help you understand the content marketing techniques that have been providing the best results and those that need strengthening.

In order to measure the value of specific content, you will have to include Conversion Segments that need to be paired with your Channel Groupings. You will need to customize your Conversion Segments by way of including first interaction, any interaction, assisting interaction, and last interaction. You can specify all these details in the Custom Conversion Setup section of Google Analytics.

You can clearly specify between all interactions rather than merely on the last interaction. This vital section can help you better understand how visits turn into conversions. It could also provide insights into your campaign and could open your eyes to hidden avenues that lead to successful conversions.

The Google Analytics Multi Channels feature is a powerful tool from the Google arsenal that can help you understand and improve your content marketing campaign as well as study your campaign in far greater detail. This, in turn will help improve conversion rates and further help you comprehend the needs of prospective customers.