Google Offers Improved Search Results Page Displays and Features

Google has improved the look of their results pages as well as provided added features to help locate your desired website in a quicker manner. The company has launched this refreshed results feature for users in the USA on and will shortly provide it for global users as well as for other languages in a short time.

You should immediately notice a cleaner search results page once you type in a query. The company has been in the process of delivering a cleaner look ever since laptops, tablets, and mobile phones entered the internet browsing scene. While the updated results page feature was launched for tablets in the previous year, mobile phones too got a matching update from Google a few weeks back.

Google has decided to launch the refreshing search results page displays and features for desktops in the coming days. This feature combines simplicity and functionality to offer a better search experience for all users in a phased manner. You will notice an improvement in the quality of results against your typed queries as well as from features such as Knowledge Graph. All advanced features are also at hand just as before and you simply need to click on “Search Tools” to access them. You can then filter or use the drill down option for the results.

Once the improved Search Results page displays reach your desktop or laptop then you can analyze the changes in greater detail and will be able to provide feedback to Google through their Google+ page. Happy browsing.