Google Clarifies On Sending Large Number of Messages Sent To Webmasters

Google has clarified on sending over 700,000 messages through Google Webmaster Tools to webmasters in response to a huge buzz created over several forums. Google’s Matt Cutts has clarified that over 90 percent of those messages were directed towards black hat issues.Matt Cutts who heads Google’s search spam department, has released a video response stating that 90 percent of the messages out of 700,000 released at the beginning of 2012 were aimed at webmasters indulging in black hat techniques including blatant spamming, etc. On the other hand only 3 percent or roughly around 25,000 messages out of the 700,000 were aimed at informing webmasters about unnatural links.

In the video, Matt explained that since their optimized Google Webmaster Tool had recently added the feature to uncover black hat techniques, most messages sent during January and February 2012 pertained to webmasters using such techniques. However, most people wrongly assumed that these messages were mostly sent as a way to take action against unnatural links.

A large hue and cry on black hat forums related to optimizing strategies prompted Google to issue this clarification via video. The video hopes to put all rumors and misunderstandings to rest.