Google Improves Text Ads Format on Their Display Network

In order to help Advertisers reach out in a visually optimized way and earn increased revenues, Google has improved their Text Ads format on their Display Network. Google states that the improved look and feel of these Ads will attract increased users and result in more clicks across related publishers on their Display Network.The biggest visible change in text ads on Google Display Network is the presence of a bold new arrow that can be clicked by interested viewers. The color of the background as well as the arrow will depend on the color palette chosen by the advertiser. For example, an ad with a white background will feature a grey arrow icon while other backgrounds will feature the arrow icon in different colors to catch the attention of the viewer. Additionally, Google has also optimized font size and text layout of the ads along with optimized spacing.

The company stated that they recognized a need to provide a consistent display to users that currently accessed such ads through multiple devices. These changes will take place automatically for text ads once Google implements this improved feature in the coming week. Google has requested advertisers to avoid creating ads with graphics and arrows that look similar to their own.

Google has taken a step in the right direction by optimizing the humble text ad even as the company works towards introducing new and unique ad formats. If you are a Google advertiser then you will be able to view your ad in an improved format in the coming days. You can send feedback or share your opinions on this new feature with Google on their AdSense +page.