Google Replaces Onebox Display with Medical Data Displayed Via Knowledge Graph

Google has decided to phase out its OneBox feature that displayed medical information to their users and replace it with a new feature in Knowledge Graph. This new feature will display detailed medical information to users that type a matching query. This feature will be rolled out in a phased manner in the coming days.Google will display this information from data extracted from the National Institutes of Health, the National Library of Medicine, the Department of Veteran Affairs, and the US Food and Drug Administration, among others. The data displayed will include the name of the chosen drug as required by any user, its brand name, drug class with other drug names in same class, symptoms, health risks or side effects, any additional information, and other drugs that other users could have searched.

Google had introduced their Health OneBox feature in 2009 that displayed medical information. However, this feature will be replaced by the new one that forms part of Knowledge Graph. This service is not intended to replace a doctor and users should exercise caution before they opt for any medicine displayed on their screens. This feature is actually a convenient option to seek out medical information by a user.

If you require information about specific medications or other medical data then the updated Knowledge Graph loaded with this new medical data feature should reach you in the near future.