Google – AdWords Announces Its Intention To Do Away With Impression Share Columns Next Week

At the end of the first week of November 2012, Google announced several improvements and changes to AdWords Impression Share reporting. As announced earlier Google is going ahead with a phased withdrawal of ‘IS columns’ from 4th February, 2013 onwards.

If you have any saved reports using the old IS columns you will have update them in the new columns. If you fail to do that, you risk not being able to run those reports from 4th February onwards. Having said this, the new network specific columns are an improvement over the earlier IS columns and will definitely meet your requirements. Some of the improvements are:

  1. Search and display impressions will be separated cleanly in the new IS columns. This in effect means there is an addition of new columns
  2. From now on you will be able to monitor how your ad coverage differs by the hour. Thanks to the ‘Hour of the day’ segmentation
  3. Application of filters and automated rules is now a possibility with IS metrics. You can also see charts with the new IS columns
  4. Smartphones, tablets, and other devices are increasingly used to search the internet. Now with the new system you can segment IS columns and see the coverage of your ads receive on smartphones, mobiles, desktops, and tablets separately.

There exciting things happening, however, to know all the changes we request you visit AdWords help center and check for yourself!