Google Offers Block Site Features Only Through Chrome

Google introduced the Block Sites feature in March 2011 whereby users were offered an option of blocking sites that appeared on their search results. However, in January 2012, Google stopped displaying the option and company officials have stated that they do not intend to start the feature again, while offering an alternative option for Chrome users.

The Block Site feature used to be displayed as a Blue link below each website that appeared in a search result. Users could click on the link and prevent that specific website from appearing in all future search results. The company had stated that this feature would provide a higher level of control to its users.

However, when Google introduced its “Search Plus your World” feature in 2012, the Block Sites feature was discontinued and the link was removed from search results. Google officials stated that they were thinking about re-introducing the feature, but it has not yet come back and officials now state that they do not have a time frame in mind to get it back.

On the other hand, they have offered Chrome users an extension that allows them to block unwanted sites from appearing on search results. However, this feature can be used only by Chrome users and cannot be synced with other computers. You can visit the Help Page of Google to learn about how to use this feature.

Other browser users can use the same blocking feature by visiting sites such as and You can manually block the websites that you do not want displayed on your results and can also unblock them in case you change your mind. The results though, are not very accurate and some websites still manage to get displayed even after being blocked.

Google’s continuous updates of its features have led to the loss of an important tool that could help users block undesired sites. Serious users can either switch to Chrome or try the above websites to block specific sites from their search results.