Google Removes Over 50 Million Pages After DMCA Requests

Google has handled increasing number of DMCA requests in the latter half of 2012. Google launched its new algorithm update known as the Pirate Update in August 2012 and ever since has been flooded with DMCA requests to remove unauthorized and illegal content on millions of webpages.

Research done by revealed precise figures of 51,395,353 links removed by Google after receiving such requests in 2012, with over 7 million requests being received from the Recording Industry Association of America or RIAA. DMCA requests showed a sharp rise from August 2012 onwards when the Pirate Update was released by Google.

Google has also faced the problem of misuse of these requests by unscrupulous elements and the company seems to now scrutinize each request before acting. Sites that face a lot of legitimate DMCA requests have been taken down by Google along with sites that also file illegitimate complaints.

Going by the above records, 2013 too should witness a high rise in DMCA requests and Google will certainly have its hands full even as the company works to further fine-tune its strategy.