Google Solves Definition URL issue to Enable Users to Click on Them

Google had presented a new feature for users that displayed definitions on select search results. A source URL was also displayed at the bottom of the definition.

However, users discovered that the URL link could not be clicked and needed to copy/paste it in a new tab or window in order to visit the website. This issue was especially irritating to smartphone and tablet users. On the other hand, users needed to seek out and click on “Source” that was mentioned in a tiny font at the bottom of the search results page.

Well, Google seems to have received complaints regarding this issue and has rectified it now. In case of definitions retrieved from several sources, Google does not display any URL. However, you can still click on all the Sources displayed at the bottom to visit the specific website.

If you wish to view definitions of words or phrases, you can add the word “define” or even “what is” before your query and Google will display the desired results.

Google has taken feedback on its new features and has acted quickly to rectify teething problems.